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Why Cannabis GMPs Are Problematic

All new industries experience some type of growing pains, and the cannabis business is no different. The marginalized reality of the industry has created uncertainty and leaves cultivars without GMP's or Good Manufacturing Practices to follow. 

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Preventing Cannabis Crop Loss

Crop loss for any agriculture endeavor is devastating, but the crop loss for cannabis businesses is incredibly frustrating due to its high market value. Because of the inherent risk, cultivators must examine their operating systems, design, and controlled environment equipment. Let's look at ways to mitigate the risk of crop loss.

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Will Cannabis Businesses Get Access To Banking?

Broad public support of the cannabis industry hasn't changed their marginalized existence. Outrageous, non-refundable license fees, risky banking options, and oppressive taxes. They make it challenging for cannabis businesses to flourish. Legislatures Merkley and Perlmutter announced the 2017 bi-partisan SAFE Banking Act, the industry had hope. Unfortunately, it's made little progress in the last five years. So let's unpack this politically charged issue and look at the current bill. 

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