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Customer Highlight - Cultivation Warehouse

Growlink has had the distinct pleasure of working with Cultivation Warehouse since 2018. As a full suite design and consulting agency, they include and resell Growlink solutions as part of their designs. Cultivation Warehouse (CW) partners with commercial cannabis operators to provide effective agritechnology equipment solutions, integration expertise, and facility design that meet project goals and maximize ROI.  CW clients also benefit from the added value of reliable service that is there when it matters most. 

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A Brief History of Medicinal Cannabis

Humankind has a long and complicated history with cannabis. For thousands of years, the plant supplied us with food, fiber, medicine, paper — basically everything we needed to thrive as a species. Some believe it is the first example of our evolution into industry — that is, until a few unsavory characters decided that we could no longer access it legally. We were starved of cannabis for decades. But now, fortunately, we are finding our way back to the light as we remember and rediscover all the ways this powerful plant can improve our lives.

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5 Reasons To Hire A Cannabis Consultant

When companies are working on a new product or planning an expansion, it can be hard to make informed decisions or take the necessary actions without getting wrapped up in emotions or politics. This is amplified in the cannabis industry, as the rules and regulations surrounding cannabis are often complex and vary from state to state. Whether you are starting a new company or planning to scale up, hiring a reputable cannabis consultant is often a necessary tool for taking businesses of any size to the next level.

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