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Dialing In Consistent Results with Cannabis Fertigation

The US cannabis industry has become one of the fastest growing markets, with an overall increase in sales of 29.9 billion USD from 2015-2022. This growth has sparked interest from other markets, allowing for an increase in innovation from a technical standpoint and overall cultivation techniques used to grow high-quality, consistently high-yield produce.  One practice starting to get implemented more commonly in the sector is fertigation. Cannabis fertigation offers tremendous benefits regarding dosing management, resource optimization, and, most importantly, consistency. Let's dive in deeper to learn more about how your cannabis farm can benefit from this new era of agricultural technology.

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Plant Nutrients Explained

While most nutrient manufacturers already go through the legwork of mixing properly balanced nutrient blends for your plants, it is important to understand what’s inside them and how they help your plants. Apart from carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, which are sourced from air and water, cannabis requires properly balanced ratios of macronutrients and micronutrients to perform optimally. 

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Top 3 Reasons To Use A Nutrient Dosing System

Nutrient dosing or delivery systems are associated with precision irrigation, automation, and convenience, but it's also known for high upfront costs. Sticker shock can frighten growers into putting off buying the equipment, even though most growers admit that the upfront investment eventually pays off. Reduced resource waste, lower labor requirements, and saving time are just a few of the things that convince growers to invest in their cultivation facilities' future. Let's examine what nutrient or fertilizer delivery systems do and why using one may be more beneficial than you think. 

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How Fertigation Can Increase Profits

With the popularity of indoor cultivation, thanks mainly to cannabis growers, fertigation has become the gold standard in combining irrigation with fertilization. And there's one benefit that justifies its demand; increased profits. Let's examine ways of upgrading your current irrigation strategy with a smart fertigation system and start increasing your bottom line. 

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Commercial Grade Nutrient Brands For Cannabis

Plant nutrients or fertilizers mimic the natural nutrients found in healthy soil, often with some added benefits. Since growing cannabis indoors is becoming an industry standard, plant nutrients have evolved since most indoor grows use alternative substrates. To learn more about the different cannabis substrates, check out this article. Let's examine the highest quality nutrient options available for the commercial cultivation of cannabis.

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