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Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

With the growing popularity of indoor and greenhouse farming, it's necessary to precisely monitor and control the growing environment to produce thriving crops. As sophisticated systems have evolved, so have the terms used to describe them. Now coined CEA or Controlled Environment Agriculture, it encompasses many types of systems. Let's examine them closer. 

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Preventing Cannabis Crop Loss

Crop loss for any agriculture endeavor is devastating, but the crop loss for cannabis businesses is incredibly frustrating due to its high market value. Because of the inherent risk, cultivators must examine their operating systems, design, and controlled environment equipment. Let's look at ways to mitigate the risk of crop loss.

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Benefits of Container Farming

April 2016 marked the 60th anniversary of the first voyage of the Ideal X, the origin of modern container shipping. This expansion played a critical role in driving the global economy. The modern shipping container has improved much more than the shipping industry. It has entirely transformed supply chains, improved domestic and international economies across the globe while driving trillions of dollars in yearly trade. But that was the beginning; now, shipping containers are used for homes, agriculture, and art installations. Let's look at the benefits of container farming. 

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