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Microgreens: Tiny Plant, Big Nutrition

Thanks to a resurgence in the popularity of microgreens, more and more people are growing these nutritionally potent plants for personal use, and some have even started growing commercially. We recently sat down with a few folks who grow microgreens, from hobby to commercial, here's what we found out about these tiny greens.

What are the best plants to grow as microgreens from home? 

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Growlink Customer Highlight - Harvest HOC

Steve White left his successful law firm in 2013 to open his first Harvest HOC location in Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks to his dogged determination, people had access to legal, medical marijuana products, resources, and services.

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Small Plant, Big Potential: Microgreen Distrupters

Microgreens have been around for a long time, but they're enjoying a resurgence lately, thanks to some forward-thinking businesses, chefs and growers alike.

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Soil vs. Hydroponics: Pros and Cons

With the popularity of creating your own garden, whether it's cannabis or tomatoes, one of the first things to consider is whether to grow in soil or hydroponics. There are pros and cons to both, so understanding the differences and how they apply to your individual needs is critical.

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Jim Stephens - Employee Highlight

Hailing from the great Pacific Northwest, Jim Stephens embodies the essence of the region. His love of the outdoors and passion for farming sustainability made him the perfect fit for the Growlink Team.

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MJBizCon Show Recap

Last month, the talented team at Growlink convened in Las Vegas for the most significant cannabis show in the states. Organized by the editors of MJBizDaily, MJBizCon is the largest gathering of cannabis business professionals in the world. With an estimated 35,000 attendees, it's a must-attend event for vendors looking to grow their business.

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5 Easy Tips For Creating An Indoor Herb Garden

As recent growing trends point to more millennials wanting to control the food they put in their bodies, there's a movement towards creating indoor herb and vegetable gardens. These trends don't just apply to the younger generation, as older Americans are also exploring an alternative to food laced with chemicals and herbicides by supplementing what they buy at the grocery store with foods they can grow at home.

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How To Avoid These Beginner Mistakes When Setting Up A Hydroponics Grow

Starting a hydroponics garden for the first time is thrilling. It's a fun way to pass the time during Covid-19, and you have all those new gadgets to play with. It's an exciting project, and you get to see the progress your plants make over time. However, producing perfect plants requires some skill and attention to detail that you develop over time. It is common for rookie growers not to realize their mistakes until too late because a new garden doesn't have the usual indicators of something going wrong, like pests and diseases. Even if you have a lot of guidance in setting up your grow room, there are a lot of mistakes you may have made in the initial stages of developing that you may not realize.

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How Much Water Is Enough?

Promoting Healthy Plant Growth While Minimizing Waste

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Controlling Temperature & Humidity in a Greenhouse


How to Keep Greenhouse Conditions Optimal for Plant Growth

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