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Preventing Heat Stress In Indoor Commercial Grows

When temperatures rise, you're not the only one who feels the heat. Plants suffer when temperatures rise, especially if it's for an extended time. It can cause irreversible damage by way of plant function or development. Heat stress isn't simply droopy leaves; it can show up as things like stunted growth, leaf drop, leaf scald, failure to flower. Let's look at strategies to avoid heat stress in your indoor growing environment. 

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Vertical Farming Technology

Technology innovations improve and enhance our lives. It's no surprise that it's changing how and where we grow crops and other commercially grown plants. Climate change is altering weather patterns, taking crops indoors is becoming a viable and practical option. Let's take a look at how technology used for vertical farming is changing how we grow. 

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Getting The Most From Your Environmental Controls

Controlling environmental factors in a commercial greenhouse or indoor grow is necessary for growing high-quality crops. An automated system eases the burden of manually performing tasks while building consistent, predictable cycles that maintain ideal growing conditions. High-quality systems are expensive but capable of reducing overall production costs in the long run. Think of your environmental controls like an investment rather than an expense. It'll pay off eventually.

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Setting Up An Indoor Cultivation Facility

As more states approve medical and adult-use cannabis, it's creating business opportunities for master growers and experts in controlled-environment cultivation. The initial planning phase is critically important for success. Let's examine the basics of setting up a successful indoor cannabis cultivation facility.

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Benefits of Nutrient Dosing Systems

Automated nutrient delivery systems can be expensive, and sticker shock can intimidate growers into putting off the upgrade. However, the vast majority of growers admit that the upfront investment pays off. Lower labor costs and reduced resource waste, along with saving time, are enough to get many growers to take the plunge. We'll dive into what nutrient delivery systems do, how they work, and the potential benefits associated with investing.

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Benefits of Big Data in Indoor Farming

Indoor farming has existed in greenhouses for centuries, but indoor farming has amassed new interest and popularity in recent years. Advanced analytics to improve yields and deal with variables is pushing the agriculture analytics market. Big data is making a notable impact on every industry, and now indoor growers can streamline their operations by adopting smart farm methods and techniques. Let's look at why big data is changing how we grow. 

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