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End of Harvest Flushing

Until a few years ago, flushing with pH'd water for the final weeks of flower was considered mandatory if you wanted smooth, flavorful cannabis that always burns white. As of recently, that sentiment is on the fence, with growers substituting this prolonged deprivation of nutrients for a more refined post-harvest curing process to achieve the same results. There have been several studies done on this matter which support modern changes.

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Plant Nutrients Explained

While most nutrient manufacturers already go through the legwork of mixing properly balanced nutrient blends for your plants, it is important to understand what’s inside them and how they help your plants. Apart from carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, which are sourced from air and water, cannabis requires properly balanced ratios of macronutrients and micronutrients to perform optimally. 

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Sustainability in Plant Nutrition

Have you considered the nutrient source you are feeding your plants? There are so many things to consider when planning your grow strategy, and nutrients play a significant role in the success of your plan. The two primary sources of fertilizer or nutrients are organic or synthetic. It can be further broken down as either plant or animal-sourced nutrients. Deciding whether to use plant or animal-based products can be based on price, plant yields, absorption rates, your personal preference, or any combination of criteria. Sustainability may not play a part in your decision, but maybe it should. Let's examine the most current research to get to the heart of plant nutrition basics around sustainability.

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