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Is Cannabis The Number One Cash Crop in the US?

According to a recent Leafy report, American growers produced and sold almost 2300 metric tons of legal cannabis in 2020. The study confirmed that the US harvested enough cannabis to roll more than 2 billion joints. 

The study didn't consider the entire cannabis crop produced in the US in 2020, though; they only included data from states with legal, adult-use cannabis sales, medical sales were excluded. Combined sales in adult-use markets totaled $6.2 billion from 13,042 licensed farms in 2020. 

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Customer Highlight - Arbuckle Farms

Dan Wade, Cultivation Director at Arbuckle Farms, is a bit of a rebel, even by James Dean's standards. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, his father moved the blended family to Oklahoma City to start a snow cone business, not something you hear often! Dan had his first encounter with cannabis in the sooner state, a relationship that would grow into his future career. But back then, it got him in trouble.

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