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Irrigation Basics: Initial Setup

Picture this; you’ve built out your indoor grow room or vertical farm  to perfection and loaded in multiple different genetics that you’ve been dying to get your hands on. After a few weeks, you notice that most of your plants are doing great except for one finicky cultivar. It just doesn’t seem to be drinking the same amount as all the others. Because your whole room was designed to feed all at once using a single valve, it’s getting overwatered daily. 

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Tim Crowell - Grower Spotlight

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Tim Crowell is a cannabis educator and crop advisor still living and working out of his hometown. After earning his BS in Sustainable Environmental Design at UC Davis, he earned a second degree in Remote Sensing (drones). He's been actively working in cannabis cultivation for a little over twelve years. Before starting his crop advisory business, Tim recently held an Assistant General Manager position at Connected California and Alien Labs. 

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