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7 Tips To Winterize Your Greenhouse

While outdoor growers are busy harvesting, greenhouse growers know that Fall is the best time to prepare for cold months ahead. Winter is fast approaching. To make sure your greenhouse thrives during cold winter months, winterize your grow now. Preventative measures ensure a continuous transition into colder months ahead. 

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Customer Highlight - Cultivation Warehouse

Growlink has had the distinct pleasure of working with Cultivation Warehouse since 2018. As a full suite design and consulting agency, they include and resell Growlink solutions as part of their designs. Cultivation Warehouse (CW) partners with commercial cannabis operators to provide effective agritechnology equipment solutions, integration expertise, and facility design that meet project goals and maximize ROI.  CW clients also benefit from the added value of reliable service that is there when it matters most. 

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Setting Up An Indoor Cultivation Facility

As more states approve medical and adult-use cannabis, it's creating business opportunities for master growers and experts in controlled-environment cultivation. The initial planning phase is critically important for success. Let's examine the basics of setting up a successful indoor cannabis cultivation facility.

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