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Sustainability In Cannabis Cultivation Increases Profits | Growlink

Sustainability in cannabis is a great sound bite in media, blogs, and marketing materials, but business owners need to make a profit and thrive. Can you be sustainable and profitable? Let us look at ways to improve profitability through sustainable business practices. 

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What is a Cannabis Architect?

Cannabis cultivation facility planning and design are challenging. All building planning and design can be difficult, but there are considerable cannabis-specific concerns; zoning laws, building codes, special permits, and waste management requirements can bring any project to a halt if not handled properly. Each grow operation is distinctive, and no two building projects are the same - which is why hiring an expert could be the difference between success and failure. So what exactly is a cannabis architect, and what do they do? Let's dig in.

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Tim Crowell - Grower Spotlight

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Tim Crowell is a cannabis educator and crop advisor still living and working out of his hometown. After earning his BS in Sustainable Environmental Design at UC Davis, he earned a second degree in Remote Sensing (drones). He's been actively working in cannabis cultivation for a little over twelve years. Before starting his crop advisory business, Tim recently held an Assistant General Manager position at Connected California and Alien Labs. 

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