Dr. Robert Flannery is the first Ph.D. in the United States with certified technical expertise in growing commercial cannabis. He earned his doctorate from UC Davis in Plant Biology with an emphasis in Environmental Horticulture with specific expertise in hydroponic crop optimization for cut-flower production. While working on his doctorate, Dr. Flannery began advising Cannabis cultivators throughout Northern California on modern horticulture practices. As Production Director at SPARC in San Francisco, Dr. Flannery managed the company's largest department and supervised every segment of cannabis cultivation, packaging, & delivery of the final product to retail. An overachiever for sure!

In addition to the work he does at Dr. Robb Farms, he's active in both research and legislative concerns, mentors at Gateway in Oakland, is the chair of the Agriculture Committee for the California Cannabis Industry Association, along with a very long list of other boards and consulting positions he holds.

Dr. Robb was inspired by his grandfather, who immigrated to the United States from Malta (a small Mediterranean island) after WWII. First arriving in Detroit, he moved the family west and eventually purchased land and planted fruit trees in Vista, California.

While going through breast cancer treatment, Dr. Flannery's mom sought advice for safely medicating with cannabis. He searched unsuccessfully for products that matched his high standards. It was then that Dr. Flannery decided to create his own high-quality, clean products, and Dr. Robb Farms was born.

Still an active researcher, Dr. Robb is working with UC Davis and Cornell University on how light spectrums alter plant development. He's also slated to write a book with Ed Rosenthal, who wrote The Guru of Ganja in 2021.

From their humble beginnings to producing 4000 pounds of flower per month, Dr. Robb is committed to producing only the highest quality cannabis available on the market today. Not only is Dr. Robb committed to creating quality pesticide-free cannabis, but his sustainability initiatives are impressive by anyone's standards.

They set the bar high: from renewable energy use to condensation and water collection to Rockwool recycling programs; his team leads by example. "Sustainability and efficiency are synonymous in agriculture. The Growlink system user interface is the best I have found. It gives me the freedom to use the equipment the way I see fit." Growlink is proud to work with an industry pioneer like Dr. Robb, and we look forward to continuing to watch his business thrive.

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