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Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

With the growing popularity of indoor and greenhouse farming, it's necessary to precisely monitor and control the growing environment to produce thriving crops. As sophisticated systems have evolved, so have the terms used to describe them. Now coined CEA or Controlled Environment Agriculture, it encompasses many types of systems. Let's examine them closer. 

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Why Monitoring CO2 Levels In Your Grow Is Critical

Plants require a goldilocks zone to thrive. Mild temperatures, light, water, and nutrients are just part of plants' requirements—carbon dioxide (CO2) for photosynthesis (carbon assimilation) impacts plant growth. Let's examine this often misunderstood aspect of indoor and greenhouse growing. 

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Why Cannabis Good Manufacturing Practices Are Problematic

All new industries experience some type of growing pains, and the cannabis business is no different. The marginalized reality of the industry has created uncertainty and leaves cultivars without GMP's or Good Manufacturing Practices to follow. 

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Benefits of Crop Steering: Increase Yields & Cut Costs

With so much conversation around crop steering, but with limited information available, we wanted to research why it's become such a trend in indoor, and greenhouse cannabis grows. And as it turns out, it's all the rage because the benefits are substantial enough to encourage cultivars to experiment and dial in precise techniques. Let's get into it. 

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Is Cannabis The Number One Cash Crop in the US?

According to a recent Leafy report, American growers produced and sold almost 2300 metric tons of legal cannabis in 2020. The study confirmed that the US harvested enough cannabis to roll more than 2 billion joints. 

The study didn't consider the entire cannabis crop produced in the US in 2020, though; they only included data from states with legal, adult-use cannabis sales, medical sales were excluded. Combined sales in adult-use markets totaled $6.2 billion from 13,042 licensed farms in 2020. 

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Alex Breeden - Employee Highlight

Alex Breeden, Growlink's Product Manager, was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He had an idyllic childhood with Dad Carl, who owned a security company, and mom Lisa, the director at a car rental company, and his sister Natalie. They spent a lot of time outdoors when he was growing up, enjoying nature and traveling across the country. 

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Preventing Cannabis Crop Loss

Crop loss for any agriculture endeavor is devastating, but the crop loss for cannabis businesses is incredibly frustrating due to its high market value. Because of the inherent risk, cultivators must examine their operating systems, design, and controlled environment equipment. Let's look at ways to mitigate the risk of crop loss.

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Will Cannabis Businesses Get Access To Banking?

Broad public support of the cannabis industry hasn't changed their marginalized existence. Outrageous, non-refundable license fees, risky banking options, and oppressive taxes. They make it challenging for cannabis businesses to flourish. Legislatures Merkley and Perlmutter announced the 2017 bi-partisan SAFE Banking Act, the industry had hope. Unfortunately, it's made little progress in the last five years. So let's unpack this politically charged issue and look at the current bill. 

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Why Your Grow Room Needs A Smart Motor Controller

Indoor and greenhouse farming benefit from a vast array of technology. Everything from precise monitoring, automated irrigation or fertigation events, lighting controls, crop tracking, controlled environment systems, and seed-to-sale platforms, there's no shortage of new technology that improves growers’ lives. But the one thing that doesn't receive much attention is smart motor controllers. Let's examine this reliable workhorse and how it can improve your grow operation. 

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Sustainability in Plant Nutrition

Have you considered the nutrient source you are feeding your plants? There are so many things to consider when planning your grow strategy, and nutrients play a significant role in the success of your plan. The two primary sources of fertilizer or nutrients are organic or synthetic. It can be further broken down as either plant or animal-sourced nutrients. Deciding whether to use plant or animal-based products can be based on price, plant yields, absorption rates, your personal preference, or any combination of criteria. Sustainability may not play a part in your decision, but maybe it should. Let's examine the most current research to get to the heart of plant nutrition basics around sustainability.

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