How to Choose Your Environmental Controls

As a grower, there are plenty of things to consider when planning your strategy, and the grow room controller is one of the most critical pieces of equipment you purchase. The environment in your grow room is one of the most important aspects of your business. Creating the ideal environment is crucial for plant health, but maintaining this environment indoors can be difficult and time-consuming.

What Is A Grow Room Controller?

A grow room controller allows you to automate many environmental aspects required in a thriving grow room. Using a blend of specific controllers, or one multi-function controller, allows you to automate more duties like lighting and airflow and can help eliminate human error, one of the many challenges in a grow room.

Utilizing an environmental controller, in conjunction with sensors, allows growers to monitor different aspects of the grow room essential to plant health. These devices allow you to create optimal growing conditions without having to monitor them in person. Once you set the timers and controllers to the ideal range and hours, your daily tasks can shift to other important aspects of running a commercial cultivation operation. 

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Grow Room Controller?

With so many controllers on the market, it can be a daunting task to decide what will work within your particular structure. Many controllers are specific to a particular task, like lighting, CO2 levels, or ventilation fans. Those are pretty basic but will get the job done when working in conjunction with sensors that monitor the environment. 

There's a growing trend to simplify the process by creating larger capacity controllers that serve multiple purposes in one device. These types of controllers provide increased performance, capacity, productivity, and security to meet the growing demands of high-density sensor networks and advanced equipment control in a modern smart farm. Sophisticated, custom-built panels can be installed to communicate with large HVAC systems. They can be made with wired and wireless high-resolution analog and digital inputs, allowing growers to scale up when it's time to expand.

The Smart Farm Is Here To Stay

Given the levels of automation possible, technology is making our farms smart and efficient and leads to reduced resource waste, labor savings, higher yields, and better quality crops. Grow room controllers are the brains of your smart farm, so choose wisely and ensure that the brand you go with has stellar customer service as installation can be complicated. 

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