Automated Grow Systems

Increase yields and save valuable resources

Automated grow systems have been used for many years to keep labor costs down. Whether it's lighting, vents, or artificial intelligence, automation, and technology are capable of repeatable and predictable results. This allows growers to streamline previously time-consuming processes quickly and efficiently. Most automated greenhouse systems allow users to control their cultivation environment via an app on their smart devices. 

The typical automation system deploys sensors that monitor and control different aspects of the growing environment. These systems can control the majority of environmental factors like temperature, humidity, electrical conductivity, pH, carbon dioxide levels (C02), fertigation, light levels, and vents. Based on predetermined parameters, rules are then created based on reaching and maintaining ideal growing conditions. 

It's not hard to see the value of small, connected devices throughout a farm for increasing efficiency and safety. It's no wonder growers have taken to IoT so heavily. According to Business Insider, IoT device installations in agricultural settings are expected to increase at a 20% annual compound rate over the next few years. 

With more accurate and timely data, growers can spend less time assessing and diagnosing conditions. With less time laboring over plants, growers can divert resources towards other initiatives important to operating a profitable greenhouse, farm, or cultivation operation. Upgrading your greenhouse or cultivation room with a professional environmental automation control system is a critical decision. Upfront costs can be expensive, but long term price savings, increased yields, conserving valuable resources, and better forecasting more than makeup for the cost of creating the ideal growing environment. 

The technological advancements in smart greenhouses are a revolution in agriculture. By creating a self-regulating, microclimate ideal for plant growth through the use of sensors, monitoring, and control systems that optimize growth conditions is truly the future of how we will grow. 

But buyer beware, not all ag-tech companies are created equal. These are complicated systems to install and maintain. It’s recommended that you shop around, and base your decision on more than price alone. Working with a company that provides continual customer service and support is a critical component to making your buying decision. It’s also important to consider future upgrades for possible expansion when it’s time to scale your grow operation.

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