Why Lighting Automation Is Important For Indoor Cannabis Grows

There are many variables when creating an indoor cannabis grow. Nutrients, lighting, airflow, spacing, and irrigation are all crucial factors when setting up your grow space. In this article, we'll focus on lighting and the benefits of automation. By using automated lighting, greenhouse growers can better meet the needs of their plants with scheduled light spectrum and intensity adjustments. This improves plant performance and the ability to meet year-round growing demands with the added benefit of lower electricity bills. 

Most seasoned, indoor cannabis grows use automated light systems to control the day length accurately. Other cannabis growers, primarily residential growers, use hand-operated methods, which involve turning lights on or off to reach the desired length of time you want the lights on. As the industry develops into larger indoor cannabis grows, the need for precise environmental control and automation has grown substantionally, and will continue to grow. Automated systems, such as smart controllers, monitor many variables. For example, a control system monitors indoor light levels and will turn on additional lights accordingly. 

The design of the lighting system determines its effectiveness. If growing year-round, light automation systems are not an area to sacrifice. Choose a seasoned manufacturer with a good reputation in the business, and one that also offers environmental controls—hiring an indoor grow room designer that specializes in commercial cannabis grows can also save valuable resources later.

Lighting is pretty straightforward to install. Installing timers or automatic lighting controls takes some planning, but is only slightly more complicated, however the returns are worth it. Automating lighting through timers is ideal for differential control when it comes to your plants. A grow room can have both the environment and lighting parameters set up to the same timers for expert growth control. Automation plays a huge role in your grow environment and making quality indoor growing manageable. 

Automation technology enables growers to create rules or program their growing environment for the environment's specific requirements. Any variations in growing conditions can be instantly corrected through automation, and most systems allow growers to monitor their indoor growing environment from their smartphones or laptops. This level of sophistication saves time, labor costs, and valuable resources.

Beyond the prominent cost-saving aspect of lighting automation, industrial and personal grow rooms are an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to growing cannabis. It improves air quality, reduces energy bills, and allows you to do your part in repairing the environment.

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