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Ted is a business executive and serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience in business and product development. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Growlink, with a mission to help growers connect and optimize their operations through technology, data, and automation. Prior to Growlink, Ted co-founded, a leading local search site, which completed its IPO in October 2004 and raised $25 million. He also co-founded AtLast Fulfillment, an outsourcing technology solution for warehousing, fulfillment, and customer care that was purchased by Newgistics in 2012.
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How can a system with a controlled environment help improve crop performance?

Controlled environment systems, such as greenhouses, can help improve crop performance in a number of ways:

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New Soilless Substrate Calibration For TDR310W Sensor

Growlink is pleased to announce a new Soilless Substrate Calibration, providing even more accurate VWC and EC data.

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6 Reason Your Indoor Grow Needs Sensors

Greenhouse sensors are critical components of your indoor grow monitoring systems. Sensors continually measure specific conditions within a particular location and report that data to the system. 

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Avoid These Mistakes When Setting Up A Hydroponics Grow | Growlink

Starting a hydroponics garden for the first time is thrilling. It's a fun way to pass the time during Covid-19, and you have all those new gadgets to play with. It's an exciting project, and you get to see the progress your plants make over time. However, producing perfect plants requires some skill and attention to detail that you develop over time. It is common for rookie growers not to realize their mistakes until too late because a new garden doesn't have the usual indicators of something going wrong, like pests and diseases. Even if you have a lot of guidance in setting up your grow room, there are a lot of mistakes you may have made in the initial stages of developing that you may not realize.

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How To Spot And Resolve Nutrient Burn


How to spot and resolve Nutrient Burn.

Nutrient Burn – How to Spot Overfertilization and Nip “Nute Burn” in the Bud

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Is Adding Fertigation To Your Growing Mix Right For You?


Is adding Fertigation to your growing mix right for you?

AgTech is revolutionizing the way crops are grown the world over, both in indoor and traditional environments. The ability to control environmental factors and agricultural processes with extrem

e precision leads to better crop yields, better resource management, lower costs, and improved environmental conditions. As a result, more and more growers are embracing automation in their operations. One precision technology that has become extremely popular across a wide variety of crop types is fertigation – the synthesis of fertilization and irrigation.

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Growing Up Instead Of Out


Growing Up Instead of Out — Expanding Your Grow Operation Vertically

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Climate Heat Mapping For Indoor Growing Environments

How Detailed Monitoring And Analytics Using Pinpoint Climate Heat Mapping Can Boost Productivity by Increasing Yields, Reducing Losses and Cutting Down Input Costs. 

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Better Data for Better Results: How Analytics Drive Higher Crop Output


Better Data for Better Results: How Analytics Drive Higher Crop Output 

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