Recently, we visited our client Yellow Dream Farm (Good Good) in Adelanto, CA. We are always super stoked to come back and visit clients after we install the Growlink System.

A Background On Yellow Dream Farm (Good Good)

Yellow Dream Farm is California’s leading cultivator, manufacturer, and distributor of cannabis products. With a state-of-the-art facility, market knowledge, industry experience, sophisticated high-end strain selection, and product innovation Yellow Dream Farm is a pioneer in the cannabis industry. Their brand, Good Good, is known to be a new era, high end cannabis brand. Good Good only uses premium flower, organically grown in top of the line indoor facilities by an experienced team of cultivators. That's where Growlink comes in!

High End Products, Require High End Solutions

Yellow Dream Farm's Director of Cultivation, Justin Murvine walked us through their facility, and shared with our team improvements they've seen since implementing Growlink. Yellow Dream Farms went from utilizing 2 team members 5-6 hours a day managing fertigation, to 1 team member, spending under 1 hour a day to check on things. Growlink has been a game-changer for the entire team at Yellow Dream Farm, and has allowed their team to get more time back in their day. "Cultivators to get back to what they do best - spending time on the plants," Irvine explains. The more time cultivators are spending on the plants, the better the plants do. 


What Else Do We Do On Client Site Visits?

These site visits give us the opportunity to work side-by-side with our customers, understand their challenges and develop solutions together to improve there operations. Outside of the content, these visits play a crucial role in our development process. This is just one scenario where we're developing products with you, the customer in mind. 

Can We Highlight Your Facility Next? 

If you've outfitted your facility with Growlink, we would love to visit you next! You'd also get the video and photo content we capture for free! Interested? Reach out directly to our Marketing Manager, Megan at

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