As one of North America's most comprehensive full-service cannabis nursery and supplier, Mother Labs focuses on assisting clients in increasing revenue while decreasing their operating costs. Their vision of a clean future extends to harnessing the wonder of innovation to cultivate clean and sustainable cannabis in Canada and the world. 

Canada's premium cannabis nursery, Mother Labs Inc., is a well-oiled, clean-growing machine that supplies live cannabis in all developmental stages. They've combined innovative techniques with the power of bioscience to grow plants, store, and develop plant genetics.

Formally Ecobain Naturals, Mother Labs is a thriving family of growers in Saskatchewan, Canada, founded on quality, sustainability, and efficiency. They pride themselves on becoming one of the most successful vertical farms in North America and reducing water waste by 90% over traditional watering methods. Their state of the art facility is equipped with efficient LED lights, reducing their carbon footprint while using ZERO harmful chemicals or pesticides.  

Using sustainable energy sources, their grow facility is, according to the flagship website, where cannabis wants to be. And no wonder! The pest-free environment creates the ideal nurturing climate for plants and clones to flourish. Or as they like to say, happy people, happy plants, happy harvest!

Mother Labs is at the very essence of what they do. They develop a culture of cultivation while growing, and nurturing plant fertility, cloning and reproduction, and birthing science. At the core of their brand, "mother" represents the elements of care that extend to all business sectors: social responsibility, community, connection to the earth, and family. 

But at the end of the day, it's really about the plant. Mother Labs develops pest and pathogen-free clones and teens with elite genetics, sourced from tissue culture stock and prepped with biological insects. The clones are available in Rockwool or coco substrates, ideal for cultivators and outdoor hemp farmers. 

Mother Labs uses a suite of Growlink sensors, monitoring the most critical aspects of their grow operation:

  • ESM1 Climate Sensors for monitoring all aspects of their environment
  • Growlink One Controllers for Humidity Control and Irrigation Valve Control
  • Smart Water Wireless Gateways for monitoring pH, EC, and Temp in their nutrient supply line
  • Smart Sense Wireless Gateways + TEROS-12 Probes for monitoring EC, VWC, and Temp in their substrate

With expansions on the horizon, Mother Labs will continue to lead the charge in protecting plant genetics while supplying the highest quality clones in the business. Growlink is honored to work with this esteemed group of dedicated growers with our quality, precision monitoring and automation systems. 

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