This Summer, Growlink celebrates its 5th year of connecting growers to their farms, an Inc. 500 mention worth mentioning, and a brief look back at the humble beginnings of an emerging leader in AgTech.

Life Before Growlink - HydroPods

Before becoming one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., (Inc.500), Growlink was cooked up in Ted Tanners kitchen with the help of some known associates, namely David Holmes, Stephen Ely, and Matt Roybal. Initially Hydropods, the team was designing consumer-based hydroponic automated grow systems.

They eventually transitioned to commercial hydroponic grow automation and kept innovating and expanding their product offerings from there. The vision was supported by incredibly gifted engineers and programmers who continue to innovate to this day. With the leadership of Ted Tanner, Hydropods turned Growlink was destined to become a success.Growlink_Inc500_2020_Custom_Seal

Growlink Now - Inc. 500  

Not only did Growlink celebrate its fifth year in business in August, but it was also named the 109th fastest growing company in the U.S. with an astonishing sustained growth rate of 3264% over three years. 

"Growlink is honored to be recognized by the Inc. 500 as the 109th fastest-growing private company in the USA," said Ted Tanner CEO. "Growlink is changing the way farmers work, using data, the Internet of Things, and A.I. Our mission is to make these innovations easier and more accessible to create a future with greater opportunity and sustainability."

The Inc. 500 is the top 500 companies from the Inc. 5000 list. All 5,000 companies are profiled on, but only the top 500 are highlighted in the September print issue. Ted Tanner continued, "I would like to personally thank our amazing customers, partners, and team for making this happen." 

Now Growlink is a respected leader in providing data-driven farm automation and networking systems for greenhouse and indoor vertical farming operations. With 13,000 devices across 225 companies with over 2,000 active users, Growlink has earned the respect of its clients by providing no-excuses, no exceptions fanatical support combined with high-quality, innovative technology. 

Looking Ahead

Growlink is shaping its future with continued innovation, dynamic customer support, and vision. With many new products designed to simplify the lives of farmers slated for release later this year, and in 2021, the Growlink roadmap for the future looks promising. As Ted Tanner says about his customers, "Your complete satisfaction is our sole ambition. Anything less is unacceptable." That is how you sustain incredible growth while becoming a leader in an emerging market.

The Growlink Story


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