While Fall closes the door on Summer, Growlink is harvesting new innovations on their OS Platform.  But like last month, we're focusing on our core strengths and doing another long term employee highlight in sales expert Colton Breedlove.

The Growlink OS Platform

Getting clarity over your farm data has never been easier. The Growlink OS Platform allows users to find and share meaningful insights with literally dozens of data visualizations. Our system enables you to track real-time data for heatmaps, and its built-in AI capabilities empower you to extract actionable data from the palm of your hand. 

Employee Highlight: Colton Breedlove


 Hailing from the 20th largest state in the union, Oklahoma, Colton enjoyed an idyllic childhood. His father worked in 'power sports,' and he was racing motorcycles by the time he was five. His passion for extreme sports was solidified; he's an active cycling enthusiast who skydives and regularly rides his bike from Denver to Boulder for fun. 

Colton attended the University of Tulsa on an engineering scholarship but dropped out, moved to Florida, and started a business. His business was a success, but he decided to leave the Party Bus business behind and move to Colorado, where his brother Zac lived. He spent his first few years in Colorado working for a company that harvested tissue from cadavers before meeting Ted Tanner at Growlink.

Hired initially in 2016 as a business development manager, he's worn many hats over the years, typical of someone working for a start-up. Colton handles sales and enjoys helping clients get the climate control automation equipment they need to run a successful grow operation.

Colton doesn't have any children yet, but he does have a girlfriend, so who knows what the future holds. We're just happy to have him on board and busy providing our clients with the highest level of service possible.


Tech updates: 

Web customer portal improvements:

  • Support for adjusting 4-20mA sensor mappings under the Modules section
  • Warnings when trying to run a manual task for a different recipe than one that is already active (controller update required)

Mobile app updates:

  • Organization dashboard added 
  • Warnings when trying to run a manual task for a different recipe than one that is already active (controller update required)

Growlink Fall Update 

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