Growlink has had the distinct pleasure of working with Cultivation Warehouse since 2018. As a full suite design and consulting agency, they include and resell Growlink solutions as part of their designs. Cultivation Warehouse (CW) partners with commercial cannabis operators to provide effective agritechnology equipment solutions, integration expertise, and facility design that meet project goals and maximize ROI.  CW clients also benefit from the added value of reliable service that is there when it matters most. 

With thousands of successful cultivation facility projects of all sizes for over 20 years, CW has seen every type of build-out, so they quickly spot and solve inefficiencies. Their highly collaborative team brings decades of hands-on experience and a passion for precision that makes all the difference. 

The CW team works with clients' assigned project managers, architects, engineers, trades, and installers to ensure each and every detail aligns with the project timeline, budget, local requirements, and preferred cultivation methodologies. Cultivation Warehouse utilizes proven technologies and processes from big-ag and big-hort and combines them with innovations pioneered specifically for the high-stakes demands and unique requirements of the regulated cannabis industry. 

Principals Eric "Shed" Shedlarski and Eric Paulin have assisted growers in nearly every state start-up, expand or retrofit facilities of all sizes with an eye on maximizing efficiencies. With nearly 40 years of combined industry expertise in Agrosciences, CW Principals Shed and Eric share a passion for agritechnology and cannabis that drives the commercial industry forward. Since 2003, Shedlarski and Paulin have worked together to approach each project the same way: putting their customer's success first. The result? A superb client satisfaction track record and an unmatched network within the cannabis and agriculture industries. The long-term partnerships they've developed are a clear testament to their proven process.

It all started before the legalization of commercial cannabis. The two met when Shedlarski was growing a successful hydroponic retail business which he eventually sold. 

Being rooted in the legal cannabis industry since legalization allowed Shedlarski and Paulin to experience the evolution of the industry first hand. From changes in cultivation and methods to various technological advances in equipment, they have been on the front lines of every innovation of commercial cannabis. 

Today, the successful duo leads a highly experienced team that includes project managers and Agri technologists who share their commitment to client success. The organization's dedication has resulted in 100% year-over-year growth for Cultivation Warehouse and a lengthy list of successful projects. 

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