What started as a man tinkering on innovations in his garage in the 1950s turned into a quality company with a profound past and an extremely bright future. H.E. Anderson Company not only provides the best quality pumps in the U.S., but they're also made in the U.S.

Located in Muskogee, Oklahoma, H.E. Anderson headquarters have moved three times over the years but have been at its Anderson Drive location since 1963.

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H.E. Anderson Company has always been a family-owned company. We recently had a chat with Eric Anderson, Grandson of H.E. Anderson Sr. and currently the man in charge. Eric only met his grandfather briefly, who passed away when he was only four months old. From a young age, Eric understood the family business's legacy. His father ran the business from the early 1970s until he retired in 2017, so it was a familiar place for Eric.

Eric was always interested in building circuit boards and enjoyed repairing cars with his older brother Evan, who didn't follow the family business path and forged his own way. Eric, however, went to Oklahoma State and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering in 2007. His father is an electrical engineer, and his mom is a medical technologist, so it was in Eric's blood. 

After graduation, his travels took him to Austin, Texas, working for National Instruments; Eric eventually moved back to Oklahoma and began working for the family business. Now married to his lovely wife Amy, they're raising their two sons back where it all began.

As part of this article, we also sat down with Randy Nester, Technical Sales Manager at H.E. Anderson Company and proud employee since 1996. Born and raised in and around the Muskogee area, Randy started as a temp and eventually did just about every job at the facility, including IT. 

Randy started with H.E. Anderson full-time after earning his associate's degree in applied science in electronics and engineering from OSU Tech and completing an internship for the PA state government. 

His interests were initially in an electronic assembly position where he thrived building circuit boards. Randy takes great pride in his work and is a bit of a workaholic. His wife Amanda is a bookkeeper and looks after their three kids since he spends so much time traveling. But he is a family man, make no mistake. His family is everything to him, including his work family. 

Embodying the essence of the company culture, Randy says the business has become part of his family. He is dedicated to continuing the legacy of the family business spirit. As Randy likes to say, "Take pride in your work, but don't be prideful." You've gotta love the sentiment.

Focused on the future and continuing to create dynamic, quality pumps, Eric and Randy are moving the business into the future by building relationships and never sacrificing quality. Eric commented, "Working with Growlink has really upped our game, they push us to be the best we can be." For its part, Growlink is inspired by the level of quality H.E. Anderson Company provides and looks forward to a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship far into the future. 

Read more about the remarkable history of H.E. Anderson Company by visiting their website

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