Plant nutrients or fertilizers mimic the natural amount of nutrients found in soil, often with some added benefits. Since growing cannabis indoors is becoming an industry standard, plant nutrients have evolved since most indoor grows use alternative substrates. To learn more about substrates, check out this article. Let's examine the many nutrient options available.

What Are Plant Nutrients or Fertilizer?

Fertilizers provide plants with essential nutrients necessary for growth and health. A requirement for all living things, plants need essential nutrients to thrive. Soil naturally contains many of the minerals and organic elements necessary for healthy plant growth. With the popularity of indoor growing and hydroponics, the demand for plant nutrients has blossomed. 

Nutrition Basics

These seventeen elements are required for healthy plants: carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O), nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), sulfur (S), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), boron (B), molybdenum (Mo), chlorine (Cl), nickel (Ni). There are some additional trace elements, but these are the must haves for your plant nutrients or fertilizer. 

Popular Plant Nutrients For Indoor Cannabis

Based on reading a mind-numbing amount of blogs, studies, buyers guides, and articles about fertilizers and plant supplements, I compiled a list of the most celebrated brands. For clarity, Growlink doesn't endorse any of these brands. We're simply listing the brands that consistently made the media list mentions. Here we go:

  1. Fox Farm: Passionate about producing the finest soil mixes, fertilizers, and micro-brewed liquid plant foods on the market, this family business tops every list I found. They greenhouse test all formulas to ensure quality and consistency and take great pride in delivering uncompromising quality and top customer service since 1984. They have a staggering selection of products to choose from; check out their options here
  2. Advanced Nutrients: Another nutrient company with a staggering selection of products, Advanced Nutrients offers an unprecedented 100% guarantee. They're very confident in their products since they design, test, and manufacture their products specifically for distinct needs. They create proprietary blends to target specific nutritional benefits, and you can check out their products here
  3. General Hydroponics: Located in scenic Santa Rosa, Calif., General Hydroponics tests its products at an on-site location that allows them to test over 100 plant varieties for yield, flavor, nutrition, appearance, disease, and growth rate. It is dedicated to creating a cleaner and more environmentally efficient world. For over 40 years, they've committed themselves to offering innovative products to growers worldwide; check out their products here
  4. Dyno-Gro: Since 1983, Dyno-Gro has provided growers with one, easy to use, cost-effective liquid nutrient product. Useful in hydroponics or soil, their formulas have 100% of the macro, and micronutrients plants require. They believe in keeping plant-feeding simple; fewer products, less confusion, less waste, and bigger yields. They made the list, so they're doing something right! Check out their products here
  5. Bontanicare: As plant cultivation experts, Botanicare dedicates itself to providing superior products, expert advice, and support to help growers produce better crops. What started as an experimental plant nutrient brewed in the back room of an Arizona retail gardening store has evolved into Botanicare, a market leader in hydroponic products. After 20 years of innovation, they're committed to finding new ways to encourage growers to do what they do best – grow. Check out their products here.

Best Nutrients Brands For Indoor Cannabis


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