Grassroots Cannabis_ Customer Highlight

Mitch Kahn co-founded Grassroots Cannabis in 2014. Since its humble beginnings, the company has scaled up considerably and secured 27 licenses in seven states with more than 300 employees. 

They're an inclusive, welcoming community from diverse backgrounds rooted together in a shared passion. Grassroots Cannabis is dedicated to growing and processing the highest quality cannabis products on the market today. They take pride in helping others learn more about the benefits of cannabis. Their immense and popular Strain Library and product pages are great ways to learn more about the cannabis plant. Grassroots Cannabis' commitment to Live Greenly exists in every aspect of the company, from growing to packaging. They believe that as citizens of the Earth, we're all here to help develop a greener world with a more sustainable future.

Growlink is thrilled to assist company's like Grassroots Cannabis to expand their grow operation to meet the needs of patients and recreational shoppers alike. Recently we sat down with Gabe, the Cultivation Manager, to discuss how Growlink has eased the pressures of Covid-19 social distancing.

In the video Q&A session, Gabe and social media manager Fox review how the Growlink operating system has streamlined their grow operation processes. In January, Grassroots Cannabis ordered the new, plug-in-play Fertigation system from Growlink. The system is designed to integrate with existing plumbing to feed plants seamlessly with a pre-determined recipe, or 'juice' as Gabe calls it. The system couldn't be installed immediately due to some components issues on the part of Grassroots. And then came social distancing, making it more challenging to get the installation complete. Instead of sending staff to troubleshoot, which is what happens typically, Gabe sent pictures to Growlink and worked with their support team to get the installation completed. Gabe explains why the systems are crucial to their success. "The time they don't have to be making 'juice,' they can be focused on the plants." Gabe goes on, "plants don't care about your personal problems, or what holiday it is. The Growlink fertigation system takes the most nerve-wracking part of the job away by having a way to monitor everything."

Gabe has been working in the cultivation field for over 24 years and is an expert in his profession. His enthusiasm for the Growlink agricultural technology products is authentic. Because as he says, "Invest a dollar today, and it's worth $20 down the line if you save a harvest from catastrophic crop loss."

Check out the full video.


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