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Steve White left his successful law firm in 2013 to open his first Harvest HOC location in Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks to his dogged determination, people had access to legal, medical marijuana products, resources, and services.

Immediately, Harvest began a comprehensive education program for both employees and customers and the community at large. Thanks to meticulous training, Harvest's world-class staff can suggest products and routines tailored to each customer's unique needs.

Since its humble beginnings in 2013, Harvest has donated over $500,000 to local charitable organizations, veterans, seniors, and patients in need. Additionally, they established Harvesting Hope, a non-profit organization that supports young children who have seizure disorders. To date, Harvesting Hope has assisted over 100 families. 

During the company's expansions, Head of Cultivation Gregory Zuckert, who is an expert in his own right with over 24 years of experience, began researching greenhouse automation companies. He decided on Growlink, "I was very impressed with the direction they were going with their technology and controllers." Zuckert commented in a phone interview.

He is especially impressed with the Growlink fertigation systems, which now automates the irrigation and fertilization for grow rooms in all of their facilities, across seventeen states.

"The Growlink system allows us to streamline the growing environment. They have created a user-friendly interface which allows us to control all of our growing environments from anywhere - extremely helpful for inputting data and increasing productivity." Gregory added. He is especially pleased to have the ability to adjust his greenhouse automation remotely, through the use of the Growlink App. 

Today, Harvest Health & Recreation serves nine states. Though Harvest has blossomed into something more substantial and more influential than Steve White ever could've imagined, its mission hasn't wavered; Harvest is here to improve lives through the goodness of medical marijuana.

Harvest maintains rigorous standards, which has made them an industry leader in providing the highest quality medical marijuana for its consumers. They have adopted higher standards than most state requirements and apply the most stringent testing standards to their products.

Like Gregory Zuckert, the rest of their staff are fully-dedicated, experts with decades of experience. Protecting the public is a top priority for Harvest, and by making only the highest-grade products, they continue to achieve that goal. Their staff is a diverse lineup of industry professionals with credentials as regulators, medical specialists, and scientists. Together, their expertise makes Harvest a standard-bearer for quality.

Community is another driving force behind Harvest, and they are committed to investing in local communities. By providing a variety of helpful resources to consumers and supporting local charities, Harvest engages and supports local communities.

Harvest is passionate about building community through Health & Human Services, Education, and Social Justice. They also impact local communities by extending financial resources, knowledge, and Harvest volunteers with intention and purpose to improve their community. 

Growlink is proud to work with companies like Harvest HOC, who support local communities, invest in charitable organizations, and work to educate the public on how medical marijuana can assist a variety of ailments. Very proud indeed. 

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