As a commercial cannabis grower, it's crucial to ensure that your cultivation operation functions at its optimal levels at all times. Having the appropriate commercial greenhouse or indoor grow room design and equipment is critical. Lighting, climate control equipment, HVAC, fertigation, sensors, fans, controllers, and automation equipment are paramount to your success. And so is keeping your operation clean and adequately maintained. The health of your plants is dependent on your ability to keep equipment working and the area clean. Let's take a look at ways to keep your space clean and well maintained. 

Keep It Clean

While it may seem natural that a grow room or greenhouse will get dirty, there are some fundamental reasons to keep it tidy and well kept; the health of your plants! Let's look at ways to upgrade your cleaning and maintenance routines to improve your bottom line. 

Routine Equipment Maintenance

Sensors, pumps, controllers, irrigation, lighting, shades, HVAC, fertigation, and other equipment require regular maintenance. Without proper repairs, the failure of any of this equipment could cost you an entire harvest, a high price to pay for an avoidable error. The sophistication of the equipment you're using will likely determine the frequency of scheduled maintenance. Be sure to use manufacturer recommendations; they'll know the best way to keep you growing. 

Deep Clean Regularly

While greenhouses and indoor grow rooms require scheduled maintenance for equipment, you'll need to do a deep clean at least once a year. Deep cleaning requires removing everything from the room or greenhouse, everything! Take the time to inspect equipment when you remove everything in case your regular maintenance missed anything. Sensors can get dirty, so verifying that sensor readings are accurate is paramount. 

Once you've removed everything, clean it from top to bottom using a disinfectant that effectively kills plant pathogens but isn't dangerous for plants. Use additional cleaning time for porous materials like brick or wood and scrub vents thoroughly. Dirty vents can prevent proper airflow, so making sure you are diligent will improve the growing environment. 

Recycle or dispose of any used disposable trays and pots, and if you experienced any disease or pest infestations, you might want to dispose of the unused ones.

Clean Bulb and Fixtures

Dust can collect on bulbs and fixtures that hang above your plants. Cleaning your lighting often will prevent dust from falling on vulnerable plants. Dirt and dust can change the flavor of your flower by tainting trichomes if you're growing cannabis. A clean grow room or greenhouse produces thriving plants that will help you grow your business.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your grow room or greenhouse clean, tidy, and your equipment well serviced will help prevent crop loss and keep your plants happy and thriving. 

High Standards In Your Grow Operation Is Critical To Your Success


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