Growlink is pleased to announce a new Soilless Substrate Calibration, providing even more accurate VWC and EC data.

At Growlink, the accuracy and reliability of the products we offer are of the upmost importance to us, as errors in measurements have a direct impact on our customers and their outcomes. We are proud to release this new Calibration for all soilless substrates.

We would like to extend special thanks to the Acclima team for their arduous work in providing the research and development required to formulate this very accurate calibration. This research was performed on 6 different organic soils with 3 different salinity levels and 10 VWC levels. That is total of 180 tests. All the tests were carefully conducted to assure accuracy in the results, which ultimately led to a final calibration equation for all soilless substrates.

Please note: using this new calibration requires an app and firmware update. The firmware update on most controllers will be initiated when you use this feature. If your controller does not update automatically, reach out to support at, or by filling out a support request form over on our website:

Read more about Acclima's research.

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Calibrations For TDR310W Soilless Substrates

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