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Founded in 2009 in Boulder, Colo., Terrapin Care Station is a consumer-focused cultivator, processor, and provider of high-quality medical and retail cannabis products. A leader in corporate responsibility, developing one of the most comprehensive cannabis training and recycling programs in the industry.

Founder With a Vision

At the helm of this successful company is Chris Woods, who graduated from Pennsylvania State University, where he ran competitive track. He continued his education with graduate studies in applied math at the University of Colorado Boulder. During his tenure at CU, he was a teaching assistant.

The competitive discipline gained from track and the leadership learned from teaching proved invaluable as Mr. Woods took the reins of his father’s real estate company in 2007. He did so before graduating from CU in 2009. Chris managed the construction of a 50-unit tract of low-income housing during his time in real estate. The knowledge of land use and community development gained from this experience proved critical as he explored entrepreneurial opportunities in the cannabis space.

Terrapin Care Station now has operations in Colorado and Pennsylvania and is also exploring other national opportunities. Mr. Woods lives in Boulder and continues to run recreationally. He is also an avid skier and downhill mountain bike, and skydiving enthusiast.


A city recognized internationally for its sustainable policies and leadership in protecting the environment — Terrapin brings extensive experience with environmental policy and best practices. They pride themselves on being a leader in minimizing environmental footprints associated with the cannabis industry. As a business in a new industry, Terrapin serves as an influencer with an opportunity to craft an industry that is forward-thinking by developing responsible green production practices in the early stages to carve a more sustainable future.


One of the most critical aspects of the supply chain in implementing environmentally responsible practices is the packaging. Terrapin Care Station jars and closures for bottling flower products are BPA-free and manufactured through an eco-friendly process using I’m green ™ renewable polyethylene produced from Brazilian sugarcane ethanol. It is a renewable source that is recyclable in the same chain used for recycling traditional polyethylene from fossil sources. A recycling code on the bottom of their jars helps guide and inform consumers. 

Water Conservation

Water is a high-demand resource that Terrapin seeks to conserve. They developed industry-leading practices that serve as a model for curbing water demand in the cannabis industry. Terrapin has developed internal plans to supplement the water use in the cultivation process by utilizing rainwater collection. They are also examining the prospect of implementing ultraviolet (UV) filtering processes for all incoming municipal water used throughout facilities, as well as using UV filtration on our cultivation wastewater before it exits facilities and enters municipal sewer systems.

Composting Program

Terrapin partners with local waste haulers to develop strategies for composting soils, leafy materials, and other appropriate organic wastes from their grow operations. This is part of an effort to divert these wastes from going to landfills.

Energy Use

Recognizing the significant amount of electricity that cannabis grow operations consume, Terrapin is highly motivated to minimize its energy use, both from a business perspective to minimize production costs but equally out of a corporate philosophy to minimize environmental impacts.

They implemented Standard Operating Procedure to reduce energy use while curbing reliance on power generated from fossil fuels. 

Terrapin monitors innovations in the lighting industry to produce the highest-quality product and largest yields using the least energy possible. Terrapin utilizes LED lights to design flower lighting systems to coordinate high-use energy cycles during off-peak energy periods when expanding to new markets.

Industry technology is constantly evolving, so Terrapin also monitors promising lighting alternatives as they become available. Some technologies that are being explored are ceramic metal halide lamps and new versions of LED lights.

Customer Highlight - Terrapin Care Station


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