When Cody Spurgeon and Shane Brockwell started Happy Camp Farms in 2018, Cody was still grieving his beloved wife Suzy's loss. Her untimely departure inspired them to help cancer patients by growing the best quality, organic cannabis on the market. By creating HCF, they're ensuring that Suzy's legacy will live on, like the fire they started when they buried her that still exists. The team regularly meets around the fire to keep her flame alive and provide a place for healing. That fire reminds them of their commitment to helping others. But don't take our word for it; check out the video to see their whole story.

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Initially from the oil and gas industry, Shane and Cody fight like brothers and love like brothers. The trauma they went through together during Suzy's battle with cancer formed a lasting bond that transforms friendship into a family. From that trauma came a deep passion and desire to help others when battling cancer or going through a difficult illness. I could hear the passion in Shane's voice, even after all these years.
Happy Camp Farms was founded on transparency, integrity, and the highest quality product on the market. They grow only pesticide-free, organic cannabis using state-of-the-art technology to track and manage every stage of the plant's ecosystem, including personalized music in each room! They pride themselves on growing the highest quality cannabis in the state.

The lack of organically grown cannabis for cancer patients was one of the main reasons they started Happy Camp Farms. They saw a huge need to provide quality, organically grown medicinal cannabis to patients. And not just for cancer patients and their families, but for people suffering from debilitating depression or pain, arthritis, or insomnia. Their experience taught them that there is a real need to help people, and they've been more than willing to put their money where their mouth is by investing in high-grade, organic cannabis and utilizing the best quality equipment to make it happen.

Utilizing the Growlink Fertigation skid along with a fully automated environmental control system, Shane commented, "The Growlink system has saved our crops several times. It's the best product on the market and we wouldn't use anything else."

Thanks for the endorsement; we appreciate your praise and strive to provide the best service possible. Happy Camp Farms make us proud to work with people and companies that put passion over profits. Keep up the great work guys!

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