Dan Wade, Cultivation Director at Arbuckle Farms, is a bit of a rebel, even by James Dean's standards. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, his father moved the blended family to Oklahoma City to start a snow cone business, not something you hear often! Dan had his first encounter with cannabis in the sooner state, a relationship that would grow into his future career. But back then, it got him in trouble.

By the time he was 22, he was growing black market cannabis to self-medicate and was eventually arrested. Still, his record was eventually expunged when legalization grew in popularity, and cooler heads prevailed.

Fortunately for Dan and the owners at Arbuckle Farms, all that experience growing cannabis would pay off. As the cultivation director, he handles all the backend facility planning and creating best practices for their growing strategy. When he discovered Growlink, he felt it was the perfect fit for their indoor grow facility. "It's nice to know your facility is in safe hands. It helps you sleep at night and eliminates stress by using the mobile app from anywhere in the world." Dan commented when asked how he enjoyed using the Growlink system.

When he's not busy tending to their 30 varieties of cannabis plants, Dan can be found brewing beer or playing Call of Duty with his girlfriend, Jennifer. The happy couple doesn't have plans to have kids anytime soon, but they do share the love of their adorable dog Zelda.

Dan has also developed a lifelong addiction to tinkering with electronics after teaching himself how to use a DOS computer when he was a kid. He's spent a lifetime building the tools needed to run a successful medicinal cannabis supplier. James Dean would be proud.

Arbuckle Farms is Oklahoma's wholesale cannabis supplier for dispensaries and manufacturers. Their indoor commercial cultivation operation boasts over 30 different cannabis varieties in their 10,000 square foot facility. They optimize growing conditions and are passionate about quality control. They're proud to reliably meet wholesale demand and keep customers happy and stocked with a quality product.

With big plans for expansion in the future, Arbuckle Farms is positioning itself as the premiere medicinal cannabis supplier in Oklahoma. Expansion plans include adding sophisticated fertigation along with added soil moisture sensors to be fully automated.

Growlink is proud to work with individuals like Dan, who chose the bumpy path instead of the easy, paved road in life.

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